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Wellness Resources Map, UPC Campus

Nutrition & Exercise

Ask the Dietitian (USC Hospitality)
Nutrition Services at Engemann
Places to Eat on the UPC Campus
Eating Disorder Treatment Team
Massage Therapy
USC Workout
Rec Swim
Masters Swim
Outdoor Adventure Rentals
Martial Arts
Club Sports

Alcohol/Substance Awareness

12 Step Recovery (AA and OA)
Alcoholics Anonymous, Los Angeles Central Office: (323) 936-4343 or (800) 923-8722
Al-Anon: (818) 760-7122
Adult Children of Alcoholics: (310) 595-7831
Cocaine Anonymous: (310) 216-4444
Families Anonymous Drug Abuse: (847) 294-5877
Marijuana Anonymous: (323) 964-2370
Narcotics Anonymous: (323) 933-5395
National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency: (818) 997-0414

Sexual Health and Wellness

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP) (formerly CWM)
The Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center
Violence Intervention Program: (323) 226-2095
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: (800) 656-HOPE
Peace Over Violence 24-hour Hotlines: (213) 626-3393, (310) 392-8381, (626) 793-3385, (877) 633-0044 (24-hour stalking hotline)
Sexual and Reproductive Health, Engemann Student Health Center
Transgender Health Information, Engemann Student Health Center
Crisis and Consultation, Engemann Student Health Center

Mental Health

Engemann Student Counseling Center
Lifestyle Redesign Life Coaching
The Fishbowl Chapel
The Reverend Thomas Kilgore, Jr. Chapel of the Cross
The Little Chapel of Silence
The Muslim Prayer Space
USC Pharmacy Mental Health Screening
The United University Church
LAC+USC Medical Center Psychiatric Clinic
Suicide Prevention Center: (877) 7-CRISIS (24-hour)

Campus Safety

USC Department of Public Safety and Medical Emergencies: UPC (213) 740-4321;
HSC (323) 442-1000
USC Emergency Information Line: (213) 740-9233
Los Angeles Emergency Management Department: (213) 978-2222
Campus Cruiser
Revised Social Events Policy

Campus Partners

Academic Support
Asian Pacific American Student Services
Black Cultural Student Affairs
Campus Center
Career Center
Counseling Services
Disability Services and Programs
Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development
International Services
LGBT Resource Center
Medical Services
Orientation Programs
Parent Programs
Recreational Sports
Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP)
Religious Life
Residential Education
Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards
Student Support and Advocacy
Transfer and Veteran Student Programs
USC Hospitality
USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity
USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice
USC Spectrum
Wellness and Health Promotion