April 27, 2016

Denim Day @ USC

2016 UPDATED DENIM_DAYDenim Day is today, April 27th! A nationally recognized day (though presented on USC’s campus by our very own Center for Women and Men), it has been observed since 1999 when the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing tight jeans at the time of her assault. The justices stated that the victim must have aided her attacker by removing her jeans, implying consent. The next day, the female members of the Italian Parliament and their supporters wore jeans in protest, and wearing jeans on the anniversary of the ruling has become an international symbol of protest against the misconceptions of sexual violence.

Today also marks the end of our Denim Drive, so make sure to stop by and donate if you haven’t already! CWM has been collecting jeans for the past two weeks, and will be donating all collected to the Downtown Women’s Shelter. According to the 2013 Downtown Women’s Needs Assessment, 50% of women living on Skid Row are survivors of sexual violence, and donating lightly used jeans is an easy way to support them and give back to the community. We will be collecting donations from the following locations:
Center for Women and Men (ESHC356)
LGBT Resource Center (STU202B)
Campus Activities Office (SKS410)
Office of Equity and Diversity (CUB200)
Department of Public Safety (PSA)
Undergraduate Student Government (TCC224)

There is no excuse and never an invitation to commit rape: stop by, donate, and remember to keep making a social statement with your fashion statement today!